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Scariest horror movie I've ever seen. More than exorcist or conjuring. Don't watch at night, alone or speakers up..


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1. Plot? Yes. the plot was good enough to get me through the movie, it was engaging and at times very twisted so I enjoyed it. 2.Acting? yes the acting was also good and did not bother me at all. 3.Music? yes the music was haunting and chilling also enjoyed it. 4.Costumes? yes the costumes fit the time era. 5.Editing/camera? no the editing and camera work could of been better to deliver more haunting scenes or moments 6.special effects? yes the special effects where pretty morbid and cool to see 7.would you take a friend? yes this is a good film that is best with a friend to watch. 8. would I see it again? yes 9.would I buy it on bluray or DVD? yes 10.did I like it? yes.

I'd ask how these shit films keep being made but then I remember Paranormal Activity.

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each question is awarded with a star, that's how I score films.

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annabelle: creation all trailers jordan 3a ecommerce website creation instant website creation ANNABELLE:+creation site web annabelle 3a+creation movie 3a armor ANNABELLE:+creation site 12n14-3a I don't understand why they like that DOLL i mean she ism't even a beautiful doll like dude what do you like in her😂😂😂(srry for my england im afrom albania).

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I can't wait to see new movie Annabelle 2 =D annabelle: creation online free web creation software mac You could of just used kechup!!!!!! ANNABELLE: annabelle: creation movie free DED LOL “She fell asleep? I once stayed up all night paralyzed because I heard snoring beside me and because I forgot I was married... Linda knew for a fact a seam on was in the god damn bed under her and she dozed off?”.

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